Karlik Sinkhole Becomes the Deepest Cave in Turkey’s Black Sea Region

October 13, 2011 / Turkey, Asia

Karlik Sinkhole, The Deepest Cave in the Black Sea RegionKarlik Sinkhole in the Turkish city of city of Karabük has been the target of multiple expeditions over the last winter and summer after being left unexplored and “half-mapped” for a long time.

During these expeditions, members of the Anatolian Speleological Society (ASPEG), discovered a continuation in the lower gallery which opened to reveal new galleries with many connecting side galleries.

“We have explored and mapped the main galleries where the side galleries need to be further explored. Most of the side galleries are going upwards lead us to believe that we may need to do thorough surface research for possibile connections.” – Ender Usuloğlu of the Anatolian Speleological Society

Now at a depth of -326 meters (- 1,069 feet), and with it’s side entrance at +18 meters (59 feet), it reached -344 meters (1,128 feet) making it the deepest cave in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. The total length is currently 1.7 kilometers (1.1 miles), however there are expectations that it could easily exceed 2 kilometers (1.2 miles).

Karlik Sinkhole Plan

Karlik Sinkhole PlanFurther expeditions to explore the side galleries are planned for 2012.

[via Ender Usuloğlu of the Anatolian Speleological Society (ASPEG)]

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