2010 Gualemala City Sinkhole

Sinkhole Opens Under Woman’s Bed

July 28, 2011 / Guatemala, North America

A 65-year-old woman in Guatemala City recently discovered a sinkhole, 12 meters (40 feet) deep and almost 1 meter (3 feet) across, under her bed.

“When we heard the loud boom we thought a gas canister from a neighboring home had exploded, or there had been a crash on the street,”

“We rushed out to look and saw nothing. A gentleman told me that the noise came from my house, and we searched until we found it under my bed,”. – Inocenta Hernandez, as quoted by Agence France-Presse.

Guatemala City is prone to sinkholes. In May 2010, a sinkhole 18 meters (60 feet) wide and 30 meters (100 feet) deep opened in the city, with a whole intersection disappearing. In 2007, a different sinkhole that opened up in Barrio San Antonio within the city, claimed three lives.

Deep sinkhole opens under woman’s bed [CNN]

Photo by horslips5

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