Iran’s Second Annual Cave Cleaning Day

September 13, 2011 / Iran, Asia

Iranian Cavers & Speleologists Association Cave Cleaning DayThis September 24th marks Iran’s second annual cave cleaning day. The event, which cooincides with the second day of seveth Persian month called Mehr (meaning kindness), will take place throughout many different regions of Iran.

So far, cavers from more than 20 cities have jumped on board the movement which first began last year by the ICSA (Iranian Cavers & Speleologists Association).

For more information, and a complete list of organizations and caves involved, visit the Iranian Cavers & Speleologists Association website.



روز غارهای پاک دهلیزها و گذرگاه های تنگ و تاریک ، پرتگاه های خوفناک ، چاه های عمیق ، دریاچه های سرد و ژرف و حتی آرواره های جهنمی [Iranian Cavers & Speleologists Association via Persian Cavers]

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