Sewanee Mountain Grotto’s PUPFEST 9

Sewanee Mountain GrottoThe 9th annual PUPFEST is almost upon us. It is held on the Labor Day weekend, September 2nd-5th, 2011 up on the mountain near Sewanee, Tennessee.

The event, which acts as the annual fundraiser for the Sewanee Mountain Grotto is free to attend, although they ask that you bring a caving or camping related item to donate for the auction and a dish for the big potluck dinner on Sunday night.

Proceeds from the auction go toward conservation and surveying within the region. So far donations for the auction have been received from the NSS, Keson, Seal Line, Toms of Maine, Dick’s Sporting Goods and The Lost Sea to name a few.

During the weekend, there will be opportunities to go caving, places to canoe and kayak, and plenty of beer, a sauna and a hot tub for relaxing when you return.

Sewanee Mountain Grotto’s PUPFEST 9

For more infromation on the event, visit the Sewanee Mountain Grotto post, the PUPFEST 9 Facebook page, or the annoucement post.

PUPFEST 9 [Facebook via reader Kelly]

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