20th Annual Karst-O-Rama Announced

November 2, 2011 / Kentucky, United States, North America

The 20th annual Karst-O-Rama has been scheduled for July 20-22, 2012.

Put on by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto, the three-day event takes place at Great Saltpetre Preserve in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. The preserve is home to a historic limestone cave that was mined in the early 1800’s for saltpetre. Now it is more commonly used for camping, weddings, family outings and of course caver events.

During the event, there will be many cave trips available including visits to new discoveries and old classics, as well as other caving activities like “Grotto Grunge Wars”.

Registration is not quite open, however once it is, it will be limited to NSS/Grotto members with the option to sponsor up to a total of three non-member guests.

For more information and updates, check out the official Karst-O-Rama website, karstorama.com or check out the facebook page.

[via Caving News reader CavernKim]

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