Temporary Closure of Colorado Vapor Caves

Due to a record high runoff, there is more water in the Vapor Caves than usual, prompting a temporary closures of Glenwood Springs Vapor Caves. While it is common to have a few inches of water in the caves, this year there has been as much as a foot.

With the temperature of the water in the caves is as much as 51C (125F), it’s not ideal for wading in.

Flooding in the caves occur when the Colorado River rises higher than 3 meters (9 feet) at the point where the springs flow into it. This backs up the springs and causes the rise in height.

The last time water was this high in the caves was in 1984, a record flood year.

In the mean time, the Glenwood Springs Vapor Caves remain open for business and customers wishing to use the vapor caves are offered a mineral bath instead.

Runoff causing extra Vapor Caves flooding [PostIndependent.com]

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