Stony Hill Cave

Visiting the Roost of the Jamaican Flower Bat

March 20, 2011

A recent report released by Jamaican Caves Organisation details the visit to Stony Hill Cave this past January 17. The purpose of the trip was to find out why Stoney Hill is the last remaining roost of the rare Jamaican Flower Bat (Phyllonycteris aphylla), a species that has been endangered since 1996.

The cave consists of one, Y-shaped, medium-sized chamber, and is quite small when compared to roosts such as Windsor, or St Clair. Nevertheless, bat numbers are substantial due to a high density of individuals. Most of the roosting space is being used, and on parts of the walls, each square metre contains hundreds of bats. A rough guess would put the total over five thousand.

While no conclusive answer emerged from the visit, the hypothesis is that there is just no other option for the bats.

Fieldwork [The JCO Jamaican Caving News]

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