Visiting Asia’s Longest Lava Tube

September 23, 2012 / South Korea, Asia
The Lava Column inside Manjanggul Cave

Photo by Justin Ornellas/flickr

Earlier this month National Geographic reporter Christine Dell’Amore recounted a her visit to Manjanggul Cave, the longest lava tube in Asia.

The cave is located on Jeju, the largest island in South Korea, which itself was formed by volcanic activity.

A UNESCO Heritage Site, one kilometer (just over half a mile) of the 13.4 kilometer (8.3 mile) long lava tube is open to the public.

The 40 minute long tour culminates with a view of a 7.8 meter (25.6 feet) high lava column, created when lava dripped from a hole in the ceiling, the tallest lava column on Earth.

Visit the post on National Geographic News for all the details.

Exploring Asia’s Longest Lava Tube [National Geographic News]

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