New Cave Dwelling Millipede Described in Portugal

August 10, 2013 / Portugal, Europe
New cave dwelling millipede Boreviulisoma barrocalense.

New cave dwelling millipede Boreviulisoma barrocalense. Photo by Sofia Reboleira

A new cave-dwelling millipede has been discovered in a cave in southern Portugal.

Described recently in the journal Zootaxa, the new species was discovered in Telheiro cave near Loulé in Algarve, the southernmost province of Portugal.

Researchers from Spain’s Universidad de La Laguna and the Natural History Museum of Denmark used pitfall traps in the deep parts of the cave to collect the tiny 9-11 millimeter (0.3-0.4 inch) long pigmentless specimens.

Dubbed Boreviulisoma Brolemann, the millipede joins two other species from Spain and Morocco, B. liouvillei and B. badium, in the genus Boreviulisoma, a group of outliers in a mainly tropical tribe of millipedes.

Home to 15 other cave adapted species, including pseudoscorpions, spiders and another millipede, Telheiro cave is currently the richest location for underground species of Portugal.

[via author Sofia Reboleira]

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