Security Barrier Construction Results in Cave Discovery

July 8, 2013 / Israel, Asia

The Israeli settlement of Tzofim.

A large cave was discovered over the weekend during the construction of security barriers near the Israeli settlement of Tzofim, northwest of Tel Aviv.

A bulldozer uncovered the opening on Friday. It was soon found to contain deep caverns and large rooms filled still growing formations.

During his first visit, shortly after it was opened, the head of the Cave Research Unit, a geologist and professor at the Hebrew University, Amos Frumkin estimated the cave to be a million years old.

There is still no word on its dimensions, but however big it is, so far, it keeps going.

Construction work has been halted to allow all the relevant parties to examine the discovery and determine the next course of action.

Security barrier work uncovers ancient cave complex [The Times of Isreal]

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