Cave Surveying and Mapping Presentation to be Held at Casper College

Surveying in Virginia's Obeys Creek Cave.

Surveying in Virginia’s Obeys Creek Cave. Photo by robspiegel/flickr

Learn about cave surveying and mapping during a presentation at Casper College’s Tate Geological Museum in Wyoming this Tuesday, May 12th.

The event, the fourth and final installment in the museum’s Spring Lecture Series on caves, features local caver Bob Montgomery with his presentation entitled “Cave Exploration, Surveying, and Mapping.”

Attendees will learn how caves are explored, surveyed, and mapped, with photos, maps, and demonstrations of equipment used to survey and map caves.

Good caving ethics require cavers to ‘survey-as-you-go,’ meaning that cavers survey, map, and photograph caves as they explore them. Surveying and mapping caves allows cavers to record and distribute the data to other cavers, scientists and land managers, highlighting areas that have been explored and identifying unexplored leads that bear further attention. Bob Montgomery

Montgomery, a consulting geologist and a founding members of the Hole in the Wall Grotto, will also discuss the conservation aspects of cave maps which show future explorers where to go and who has gone before in a fragile environment where footprints can remain for generations, formations will not grow back in our lifetime and fragile life can be destroyed by a misstep.

The presentation starts at 7:00pm in the Sharon Nichols Auditorium and is free and open to the public. The Sharon Nichols Auditorium is located in the McMurry Career Studies Center on the Casper College campus in Casper, Wyoming.

For more information visit the Tate Geological Museum website.

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