Sneak Peek: Inside the April 2015 Issue of NSS News

March 30, 2015 / United States, North America
Cover of the April 2015 Issue of NSS News.

Cover of the April 2015 Issue of NSS News. Image via NSS

Cave location security and cave cleanups are two of main subjects covered in the jam packed April 2015 issue of NSS News, due out soon.

Put together by guest editors Val Hildreth-Werker and Jim C. Werker, the annual conservation issue highlights the cave and karst conservation activities of members.

Val and Jim kick things off with a piece asking if cave locations can be leveraged as a way to increase conservation of caves. They are followed Bradley Jones questioning if cavers are contributing to the growing abuse of caves, Curt Harler looking at the ways the NSS handling cave locations, and Mark Adler’s letter to the NSS concerning the open publication of sensitive cave data on the Internet.

Efforts to clean up Montana’s Pryor Mountain Big Ice Cave, Washington’s Falls Creek System and Missouri’s Goodwin Sinkhole and St. Louis’s Cliff Cave are relayed next by Ken Stahley, “Vertical Bob” Johnson, Klaus Leidenfrost and Dan Lamping.

Steve Peerman then encourages cavers, especially in the Western US, to seek out involvement in the management of public lands, before Lauren Satterfield presents the background and preliminary findings on the Caves of Cyprus Project.

Meanwhile, Carl DauBach, Pen DauBach, and Steve Taylor tell of the acquisition of Paul Wightman Subterranean Nature Preserve in Illinois, and Shawn Thomas and Stan Allison discuss the project to restore wildlife access and airflow to New Mexico’s Slaughter Canyon Cave.

Other articles include Fred Stone report of the active lava flow that is interrupting a project at Hawaii’s Pahoa Cave, White Nose Syndrome Liaison Jennifer Foote’s 2014 WNS update and Jeff Page’s guide to Missouri’s Carroll Cave, crown jewel of the 2015 NSS Convention.

To finish things off, Val and Jim offer a revised Minimum-Impact Caving Code.

NSS members, start watching your mailboxes.

The NSS News is the monthly publication of the National Speleological Society. It is sent to National Speleological Society members, either as printed copy or digital download. If you’re interested in receiving copies, visit and become an NSS member today. For individual issues, visit the NSS Bookstore.

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