New Waterproof Color Restoring Dive Light Debuts on Kickstarter

March 26, 2015
SeaLantern's new Flame Angel 1,000 lumen waterproof light.

SeaLantern’s new Flame Angel 1,000 lumen waterproof light. Photo via SeaLantern

A new waterproof dive light designed to restore the colors naturally lost underwater recently launched on Kickstarter.

Put out by SeaLantern Limited, the light, dubbed the Flame Angel, boasts an extreme 300 meter (1,000 foot) depth rating and a whopping 1,000 lumen in two different beam styles, wide and spot, for sport and video aficionados.

Built to be robust and versatile with an effortless operation, the lights feature
overly engineered electronics, stubborn surface finishes available in three different alloys and perhaps, most notably the brand new type of user interface that SeaLantern calls PPEC+ (peepec plus) consisting of zero moving parts with no chance to leak, wear out, jam or flood.

Although intended for underwater use, the light is just as at home on land and perhaps even in a cave.

Our customers aren’t too fussed that we racked our brains inside out to make Flame Angel what she is, but they do appreciate that she can be mounted anywhere they mount their GoPro’s, that she operates with ease and reliability deeper than anyone dares to scuba dive, is offensively bright, compact, usb rechargeable, robust and sexy, in fact timeless – inherent of her great design. Carl Thom, SeaLantern Limited CEO

They’re off to a great start with a good response from backers, pulling in just over $10,000 (~$7,800 USD) in 11 hours. With 33 days left to go, they’re almost a sure thing to meet their $35,000 AUD (~$27,400 USD) goal.

To find out more about Flame Angel and to pre-order your own visit the Kickstarter campaign: Flame Angel Light: “The In-Depth Colour Experience”

[via Flame Angel]

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