Virginia’s Fountain Cave to Offer Adventure Tours

Inside Virginia's Grand Caverns, the oldest show cave in America.

Inside Virginia’s Grand Caverns, the oldest show cave in America. Photo by P199/Wikipedia

Virginia’s Grand Caverns has recently re-opened Fountain Cave, an old commercial cave that has been closed to the public, for Adventure Tours.

Once a bustling commercial cave with thousands of visitors coming to see its magnificent formations and five pools, Fountain Cave was closed by its owners almost 100 years ago.

It has remained closed to everyone except those with conservation, scientific, and educational purposes, until now.


During the new two to three-hour long mild wild cave experience, visitors—kitted up with helmets, knee pads, and gloves—will have the opportunity to explore as cavers do, by crawling and climbing, however those that are more reserved can stay on the path with the tour guides.

A hand held flashlight will not be provided, so it is recommended that you bring one yourself, however it is not required.

Despite once being a commercial cave Fountain Cave, there are no lights are in the cavern and the only remaining evidence, aside from historic formation damage, graffiti and burn marks, is a once used pathway dating back to the 1800s.

For more information or to book a Fountain Cave Adventure Tour, call 540-249-5705 or email Nathan Garrison at [email protected].

Fountain Cave Adventure Tour [Grand Caverns]

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