Winter Surveys Give Wisconsin Bats a Clean Bill of Health

Although researchers did their best to try to find it, a state-wide survey of more than 100 known bat hibernaculums has uncovered no signs of white-nose syndrome in Wisconsin.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that neither the fungus nor the disease of white-nose syndrome was found in Wisconsin. It’s a welcome relief in Wisconsin and in our neighboring states because so many of their bats winter here and any disease in our hibernacula could have far-reaching effects. David Redell, Bat Ecologist, Department of Natural Resources

With many of the bats from neighboring states of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan, up to 300,000 bats, spending their winters in Wisconsin, it has one of the of the highest concentrations of hibernating bats in the Midwest

Despite the good news, it is believed that the arrival of the white-nose syndrome in the state is still imminent. Now that the disease has been detected along the Mississippi River corridor, it’s just a matter of time before it arrives.

The more time we have for research to understand how this disease spreads throughout populations of bats, the better able we can assess options that may possibly slow down the arrival and devastating effects of the disease, David Redell, Bat Ecologist, Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin bats get a clean bill of health [Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources]

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