Two Dogs Rescued From Deep Illinois Sinkhole

Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve, St. Clair County, Illinois

Two dogs discovered a deep sinkhole on Wednesday when they tumbled into it during a walk with their owner.

The dogs, a father and son named Legend and Bullet, were off leash during a walk in the Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve near Millstadt in Illinois’ St. Clair County when they fell into the 18 meter (60 foot) deep sinkhole.

Not knowing what to do, their owner, Lisa Marks, called the Fire Department for assistance.

Soon emergency crews were on scene and descending into the pit to rescue the pair of tough Dobermans, who appeared unhurt by the six-story drop.

From the time the St. Clair Special Services got on the scene to the time they got out the dogs was 39 minutes, which is remarkable. They did a great job. Jim Broshears, Columbia Assistant Fire Chief

Their owner was extremely happy to be reunited with both dogs and plans to learn from the experience.

I used to ride horses here when I was a kid, I know this land like the back of my hand, but I didn’t know that hole was there. I know it now. And I won’t be bringing them out here without leashes ever again, never. Lisa Marks, Dog Owner

Although it likely won’t help any dogs that come across it, the fire department will now look at putting signs around the sinkhole to warn anyone who might discover it.

Dogs Rescued From Sinkhole Near Millstadt []

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