Subterranean Biology 10 Released Online

February 14, 2013
International Society for Subterranean Biology's Journal: Subterranean Biology.

International Society for Subterranean Biology’s Journal: Subterranean Biology. Photo via ISSB-SIBIOS

Earlier this week, the 10th edition of Subterranean Biology, the open access journal of the International Society for Subterranean Biology, was released online.

Featuring research papers on recent discoveries of subterranean life, this issue includes the description of a new species of isopod, known as Microcharon boulanouari, found in Southern France, the description of three new Australian water mite species and report on the morphological changes associated with subterranean colonization in troglophiles.

In addition, a bibliographic analysis of the hypogean biological studies in Portugal included, which compiles 138 publications related to the subterranean invertebrate fauna, as well as a memorial to the late Naturalist Lazare Botosaneanu.

For more information on receiving a copy, or to read any of the articles visit the Subterranean Biology website.

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