2nd Iberian Meeting of Subterranean Biology Announced

May 11, 2011 / Portugal, Europe

2nd Iberian Meeting of Subterranean BiologyThe Iberian Meeting on Subterranean Biology will take place in the University of Aveiro in Portugal. This second meeting, the first held in Valencia in 2009, will focus on the underground biology, ecology and conservation of caves in “different regions of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, on the volcanic areas of the archipelago, including Canary, Azores and Madeira, and also on other subterranean habitats along the Ibero-Macaronesic scope.”

The 3 day meeting which runs from Setember 2nd to 4th, 2011 will feature conferences, presentations, workshops and a field trop to visit some of Portugal’s karst.

For more information or to register visit the official website. June 15th is the early bird registration deadline.

Inscrições abertas para o II EIBS [Profundezas]

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