Potential Case of WNS Being Investigated on Prince Edward Island

February 13, 2013 / Canada, North America
Bat with White-nose Syndrome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Bat with White-nose Syndrome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo by USFWS

A bat suspected to have died of White-nose Syndrome has been found for the first time in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.

Found near Bonshaw, P.E.I., Dr. Scott McBurney, a pathologist at the Atlantic Veterinary College is “99% sure this is going to be the first confirmed case of bat white-nose syndrome on Prince Edward Island.”

Although the bats are not known for hibernating on P.E.I., there is a chance that a hibernaculum may still be undiscovered. It may also be possible that strong winter winds blew the bat to the Island from nearby New Brunswick, one of four Canadian provinces that have already confirmed the presence of the disease.

P.E.I Fish and Wildlife officials now are working with staff at the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre of the Atlantic Veterinary College to confirm if it is indeed the Island’s first reported case.

Last year a Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada emergency assessment looking into the plight of three cave-dwelling bats had assessed each of the bat species as endangered, however their assessment has not yet resulted in the bats being listed as endangered.

Bat white nose syndrome case being investigated [Prince Edward Island] & 1st potential case of deadly bat fungus found on P.E.I. [CBC]

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