Cave Diver Celebrated for Successful Rescue Efforts

January 21, 2013 / Florida, United States, North America

Aquatic Science Association

Cave diver Edd Sorenson was honored for his rescue efforts on Saturday during a ceremony held by the Florida’s Aquatic Science Association.

During the surprise event, which saw more than more than 200 people, including his family from Oregon, in attendance, Sorensen was presented with an award created in his name.

It’s an award that the Aquatic Science Association gives out every year to that person who gives back to the community, who gives to cave diving, to conservation in general, and the bar is set very very high this year, Steve Cushman, Chairman of the Aquatic Science Association

With only a very small number successful cave diving rescue attempts worldwide, Edd Sorenson is responsible for half of them. In 2012 alone he is credited for saving four divers.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a hero, if somebody needs help, I’m there to help and it’s nice that somebody else thought of it that way and I’m very proud that this many people thought of this to do for me. Edd Sorenson, Cave Diver

Another award, a plaque, was also presented to Sorenson for his efforts by Sheriff Lou Roberts.

The Aquatic Science Association was formed in 2008 with the goals of researching and conserving underground water resources through exploration and continued education.

Jackson County Cave Diver Honored For Lifesaving Efforts []

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