Volunteer at Lehman Cave Lint Camp this February

January 18, 2013 / Nevada, United States, North America
Folks cleaning Lehman Cave in Nevada's Great Basin National Park.

Folks cleaning Lehman Cave in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park. Photo via Great Basin National Park

Nevada’s Great Basin National Park is looking for volunteers to help clean and restore Lehman Cave.

This February 8th and 9th, the park will be holding a “lint camp” to clean up all the lint – clothing fibers, hairs, skin cells, dust, and other foreign particles – that gets left behind from the approximately 40,000 people who visit the cave each year.

Over time the lint builds on cave walls and floors near the tour paths and needs to be cleaned. If left alone, lint can become cemented into cave formations, causing them to be discolored. Lint can also support mold and bacteria growth and act as an artificial food source for cave life.

The event is open to anyone interested in helping preserve the cave.

For more info or to sign up, please contact Gretchen Baker at [email protected] or via (775) 234-7541.

Great Basin National Park’s Page [Facebook] & Lint Camp at Lehman Caves, Great Basin NP – Feb. 8-9 [CaveChat]

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