Jewel Cave Hosts Cave Workshop for Teachers

Park Rangers reach out to local schools each year.

Photo via NPS

Jewel Cave National Monument and the University of Sioux Falls (USF) are teaming up to hold an educational workshop for teachers, entitled Explore and Discover Cave Education.

Based on Project Underground, the national curriculum for educators from kindergarten to high school classes, the three-day workshop features ten in-class sessions and field activities that are geared toward creating an awareness of cave and karst areas, as well as increasing understanding of human impacts on natural resources.

Educational programming continues to expand at Jewel Cave, and we are excited to host a teacher’s workshop in order to engage even more audiences. Not only does this workshop complement the Call to Action Plan of the National Park Service, by providing teacher training, it also creates an educational bond between the Monument and local school systems. Larry Johnson, Superintendent, Jewel Cave National Monument

The workshop runs from the evening of Friday September 14th until the morning of Sunday September 16th.

Jewel Cave Hosts Teacher Workshop about Caves [Jewel Cave National Monument]

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