USFWS Awards Grants to 30 States for White-Nose Syndrome Projects

Little Brown Bat with White-nose Syndrome

Photo by USFWS/Southeast

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it will be awarding grants totaling over $960,000 to go towards white-nose syndrome projects by thirty state natural resource organizations.

The money, provided by the Endangered Species Recovery fund, will go towards the surveillance and monitoring of caves and mines where bats hibernate, preparing state response plans and other WNS related projects.

Responding to the rapid spread and severity of this disease has been difficult for state agencies and other partners. Providing funds directly to states helps to improve capacity for response within those states, but also provides support for critical research projects and strengthens our national response effort overall. Dr. Jeremy Coleman, National WNS coordinator for the USFWS

Thirty-one states applied for grants, requesting a total of $1,183,480. Of those, thirty states were given at least partial awards, ranging from $14,646 to $50,000, for a grand total of $962,981.

Breakdown of Funds

State Awarded
Alabama $26,250.00
Colorado $24,000.00
Delaware $20,000.00
Georgia $21,000.00
Hawaii $40,622.00
Idaho $24,000.00
Illinois $27,580.00
Indiana $23,600.00
Iowa $25,500.00
Kentucky $32,000.00
Maine $24,099.00
Maryland $48,000.00
Michigan $49,500.00
Minnesota $38,900.00
Mississippi $25,847.00
Missouri $20,000.00
New Hampshire $14,646.00
New Jersey $50,000.00
North Carolina $47,500.00
Ohio $46,050.00
Oregon $24,000.00
Pennsylvania $26,000.00
Rhode Island $22,819.00
Tennessee $50,000.00
Utah $24,000.00
Vermont $22,000.00
Virginia $50,000.00
Washington $22,568.00
West Virginia $42,500.00
Wisconsin $50,000.00
Total $962,981.00

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Awards Grants to 30 States for White-Nose Syndrome Work [USFWS]

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  1. arctodus_simus
    July 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Seriously, Hawaii? I’m a Missouri caver and certainly disappointed with the allocations.

    • Caving News
      July 11, 2012 at 6:31 pm

      Just guessing, but given the even number for Missouri, perhaps $20,000 was all they asked for?


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