Poll: Did you visit a U.S. National Park During last week’s National Park Week?

April 30, 2012
Mammoth Cave National Park Cave Tour

Photo by Daniel Schwen/Wikipedia

Last week was National Park Week in the United States, with free admission being available to many of the nation’s most fantastic locations. Free cave tours were even on the menu at places like Mammoth Cave, Carlsbad Caverns and Wind Cave National Parks and Jewel Cave National Monument.

We want to know, did any of our readers partake in the festivities and visit a U.S. National Park last week? Answer the poll and share your adventure in the comments below.

Did you visit a U.S. National Park During last week's National Park Week?

Yes 20% (3 Votes)
No 33% (5 Votes)
I wasn't in the U.S. 47% (7 Votes)

  Total Voters: 15

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Last Week’s Poll Results

Last week’s poll asked readers if they had ever needed rescuing after a caving mishap. In total 13% of answers claimed to have needed assistance. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, Conrad Bateman and Adam Evans mentioned that although they haven’t needed rescuing themselves, they had assisted others.

It goes to show, that although many people believe it will never happen to them, accidents can happen. Keep safe out there.

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