Cavers Assist in Rescue of Welsh Climber

March 27, 2012 / Wales, United Kingdom, Europe

Cave rescuers were on hand Sunday to assist in the rescue of a climber whose arm was stuck in a crevice on Llanberis Pass in North Wales.

The man, who was part of group of four, slipped, fell and wedged his arm while climbing the 304 meter (1,000 foot) high Dinas Cromlech.

After an hour of trying to release his arm, friends called for help.

Llanberis Pass, North Wales

Members of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team soon climbed to the scene, while a police helicopter brought cave rescuers with explosives from Flintshire. Fire fighters were on standby at the scene with all their cutting and rescue kit.

In a lot of pain, the main was given morphine while rescuers chipped away the rock to free him.

Once released – over three hours later – the man was winched into an RAF Sea King helicopter flown to hospital in Bangor.

Llanberis climber trapped with arm stuck in a crevice for three hours [BBC]

Photo by Mick Roche

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