News Crew Films Aftermath at Devetashka Cave

February 2, 2012 / Bulgaria, Europe

A recent visit by a BNT news team to Bulgaria’s Devetashka cave, the site of some recent filming for the Hollywood blockbuster “The Expendables 2“, offers a first glimpse into the aftermath of the shoot.

Accompanied by speleologists and scientists, the crews were taken to many places in the cave where bats should be hibernating, but are no where to be found. Coincidentally right below are the tire tracks of large vehicles, likely used during the shoot.

While the cavers went deeper into the cave to search for the bats, the team remained outside to film the destroyed vegetation that was supposedly also part of the protected area.

Some very concerned speleologists soon return, with them the bodies of a number of dead endangered bats and stories of the remaining bats flying around deep in the cave and not hibernating as they should be.

Endangered Bats Died in Bulgarian Cave over ‘Expendables 2’ Filming – [YouTube via a comment by George]

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  1. Dan Chase
    February 3, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Outrageous! Shame on them.

    Make the producers of the movie to pay big fines.

    Confiscate their equipment, and lock their bank accounts for hostage.

    Boycot the movie and picket-line the theaters that play it.

    Ask Schwartzennegger and Stallone to donate to enviornmental repairation causes for the area.

    “Give ’em hell !” They are inconsiderate so-and-so’s!


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