House Sized Sinkhole Appears Overnight

Massive House Sized Sinkhole Appears Overnight

December 2, 2011 / Oklahoma, United States, North America

A sinkhole nearly 12 meters (40 feet) wide and over 12 meters (40 deep) opened up during the night in a Sayre, Oaklahoma field a few weeks ago.

The hole, large enough to fit a small home, opened up just two days after an earthquake struck the region and it’s still growing.

Jack Damron, a resident of the area, has been farming the land for nearly 20 years, driving tractors over this exact location the sinkhole formed. He never considered that the ground could give way.

“You can see the tractor went right over it. It would have swallowed the tractor,” he said. “We had a lot of onlookers.” – Jack Damron in an interview with KFOR-TV

Experts don’t believe the sinkhole and earthquakes are related and suggest that drought conditions this summer could have contributed to the opening of the sink.

During the last few years the state has experienced an abnormally high number of earthquakes. As recently as a few weeks ago, six small quakes were felt in four days. It’s all quite puzzling because the state is nowhere near a major fault.

Massive sinkhole appears overnight [KFOR-TV]

Photo via KFOR-TV screengrab.

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  1. Miep O'Brien
    December 6, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Both sinkholes and earthquakes are considered in at least some cases to be related to mining, and Oklahoma surely could qualify. Who are these “experts” who don’t think sinkholes and earthquakes are related?


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