Team CloudFlare Tries Caving at California’s Moaning Caverns

Cloudflare Team at the End of the Trip

Photo via Cloudflare Blog

This summer the team behind CloudFlare, one of the Internet’s newest service to protect and accelerate websites, paid a visit to California’s Moaning Caverns in celebration of passing 100,000 websites using their service.

Discovered by gold miners in 1851, Moaning Caverns gets its name from the sound that comes from wind passing over the entrance.

Although now set up for tours, the adventurous group opted for wild cave trip giving to give them a feel of what caving is really like. They made their way through a number of Moaning Caverns chambers and tight passages including the Roach Motel, the Meat Grinder, the Guillotine, and the Birth Canal.

What a great way to bring a team closer together and to show them how overcome challenges.

CloudFlare’s Middle Earth Adventure [Cloudflare Blog]

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