Cave Safety Survey Requesting Responses

June 28, 2011

SurveyA study currently being done to “explore best-practice approaches for educating people about caves and their associated hazards”, is calling for cavers to give feedback on their experiences.

The project, a joint effort between the NSS Safety and Techniques Committee and the Occupational Safety and Health Program of Oakland University, hopes to identify key training and education objectives to help cavers learn about specific cave-related hazards.

The study is looking specifically at three areas that are believed to be critical for safe and conscientious cave exploration:

  1. The determination of the incidence of close-call events that could have resulted in injuries or fatalities, but didn’t. – Take Survey
  2. Perceptions of the value of formal, curriculum-based cave-skills training. – Take Survey
  3. Feedback in the form of impressions and experiences from current and former cave-skills training instructors.

Once completed, findings from the study will be shared through peer-reviewed publications, training workshops, and informational briefs.

If you have any questions or comments, contact Dr. Aaron Bird, assistant professor at Oakland University and Chair of the NSS Safety and Techniques Committee, via email at [email protected].

Survey about Cave Safety []

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  1. Larry
    June 28, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Are the caves in the Ozark area safe enough not to collapse or flood in the event of major disasters on earth? Are there areas in AZ or NM that would be better?


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