Photography Exhibit inside Greek Bomb Shelter

June 9, 2011 / Greece, Europe
Photography Exhibit inside Greek Bomb Shelter

Photo by ANA-MPA

A photography exhibition put on by the Thessaloniki Speleology Association “Proteus” is currently on display in Greece. The exhibition is housed inside an old bomb shelter dating back to the second world war.

The 22 meter (72 foot) long and 2.5 meter (8 foot) high man made cave beneath Pavlou Mela square was created before the war. After the war the space was abandoned. Recently however it was reopened by the caving group. It’s temperature holds steady at 17C (63F) as does it’s relative humidity at 100 percent.

Folks visiting the exhibition are equipped with helmets and lights before entering the cavity, which is only illuminated by candlelight.

Photo exhibition in old WWII bomb shelter [ANA-MPA]

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