British Caving Association Releases Near Annual Newsletter

May 16, 2011 / United Kingdom, Europe

The British Caving AssociationThe British Caving Association has just put out it’s 14th issue, the first newsletter since July 2010.

The BCA and Speleological Union of Ireland have worked out the differences in the training qualifications to such a degree that they soon should be acknowledged by each other. This is the first time BCA qualifications have been accepted by another country. Thanks goes to the BCA and SUI training officers for all their hard work.

It has been reported that no one enter Odin Mine until stabilisation works have been completed, after a collapse that left things unstable.

A collapse has occurred at the base of the first hand line climb, approximately 50 metres into the mine: The entire floor has disappeared into a crater approximately 2.5m x 1.5m in size, leaving a ragged drop of approximately ten metres straight down. The walls of this hole are a very unstable and continually falling in.

In the Forest of Dean, a temporary closure of Wigpool Iron Mine that occurred after a dead bat was discovered with white fungal-type spots/mould has been lifted as tests on the bat for White-nose syndrome came back negative.

A new well decorated cave found at Ystradfellte in Wales had a sad turn of events after the location got out and folks visiting it without permission it caused damage at the entrance. The matter which interfered with the landowners’ privacy and water supply which originates in the cave is now in the hands of the police, and resulted in a complete ban on caving at the location and the cave being sealed.

In other news, the BCA has been the reciepiant of 10 sections of artificial cave donated by Entre-Prises to promote caving at shows and events across the U.K. The cave, housed in it’s own trailer, has already made appearances at both Hidden Earth and The Outdoors Show and has proved popular.

To get your very own copy of the newsletter, visit the BCA newsletter archive.

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