2011 Rapa Nui – Biological and Cultural Resource Inventory Project

May 12, 2011 / Chile, South America
Easter Island

Photo by Alex Grechman

An expedition is in the planning stages to visit Easter Island (AKA Rapa Nui) from July 24th to August 8th, 2011. The goal, to inventory the biological and cultural resources, includes objectives such as trapping cave insects in the four deepest caves on the island, revising maps from the 2009 expedition and mapping the largest cave on the island and it’s archaeological features.

The team is currently being formed, and team leader Jut Wynne is looking for volunteer cartographers and archaeologists to assist in the expedition.

As with the 2 previous expeditions to the island, an application will be submitted for it to be an Explorers Club flag expedition and anyone participating would thus be eligible for consideration for membership to the Explorers Club.

For more information contact Jut Wynne at [email protected] or visit the link below.

Volunteers Needed on Easter Island (24 July – 08 August 11) [Cavechat]

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