Project Sistema Ek Be 2011 Successful

May 4, 2011 / Mexico, North America

Congratulations to the Quiet Diver team who have been successful in locating a lost cave. Sistema Ek Be (Star Road System in Mayan) is a cave that had been explored by cave divers in the early 1990’s, but the location had since been lost and it’s data was incomplete.

Starting out the team had little to go on. They knew it was located somewhere in the jungle between two other systems Dos Ojos and Xunaan Ha, and somewhere near Cenote Zotz which they were lucky enough to get a GPS coordinate for.

Three hours into the first trip they located a cavern filled with water, however due to nightfall there was no time to enter. On April 1st the team returned to have a look around, and was able to confirm that it was in fact the entrance they had been looking for.

Since then the team has returned a number of times. Having completely resurveyed the original 2191 meters (7189 feet) of line placed in the first dives, the team is now busy exploring the cave, adding over 600 meters (2000 feet) a day!

With dives are now taking in excess of 4 hours, they were lucky to discover a new cenote at the furthest reaches of the survey that will allow easier access further into the system on future trips. Seeming to have no end in sight this will be an interesting story to continue to follow in the future.

Ek Be: Cave Exploration with No End in Sight [Quiet Diver]

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