Ingleton Overground Underground Festival to be held in May

March 31, 2011

Ingleton Overground UndergroundOverground Underground is a new festival which will be held this year in the Yorkshire Dales. The idea is to bring together local experts and their organizations to share their skills and passions for nature. In the limestone landscape of North Yorkshire, this means caving will play a prominent part.

The festival has been set up to specifically tailor first timers of all ages and abilities. There will be introductory caving trips, cave rescue groups, films on caving and a whole lot more.

Other activities to include:

  • Itroductory Climbing Sessions
  • “Skills in the Hills”
  • Extreme Archaeology
  • Map, Compass and GPS Skills
  • Rescue Dogs Demonstration
  • Guided, Themed walks on Wildlife, History and Archaeology
  • Expert Talks
  • Films
  • Art Events, Exhibitions and Talks
  • Self-guided Walks and Resources
  • Pond Dipping and Bug Hunting
  • Geocaching
  • Zorbing

Ingleton Overground Underground runs from May 27th to 30th. For more information and to make a booking visit the Ingleton Overground Underground website.

Underground, overground, and not a Womble in sight [grough]

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