Breakthrough at Hessenhauhöhle

March 31, 2011

Members of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Blaukarst in Southern Germany are extremely excited with their latest discovery at Hessenhauhöhle dig. After fitting through a 200 meter (600 foot) squeeze, they discovered a large passage 10 meters x 15 meters (30 feet x 45 feet) which they dubbed “Rauschtunnel” (Noise Tunnel) due to the loud rush of water they heard. Just beyond they came upon a raging river cave with two lakes.

The hope is that the river connects to Blauhöhle the largest cave system in the Swabian Alps at 5,643 metres (18,514 feet) long. In anticipation of that connection the new area has already been christened “Nordblau” (Northern Blue), as a branch of the Blauhöhle system.

The cavers reported an unpleasant odor from a wastewater treatment plant. This suggest that the river is connected to tributaries near the city of Laichingen.

This exciting news is just a couple weeks after Hessenhauhöhle became the deepest cave in the Swabian Alps at 127 meters (381 feet), just five years after the excavation began.

Durchbruch zur Blauhöhle [Südwest Presse]

Photo by Warden

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