Attend the 2015 Gaping Gill Spring Winch Meet

May 15, 2015 / England, United Kingdom, Europe
Gaping Gill's entrance shaft viewed from the Main Chamber.

Gaping Gill’s entrance shaft viewed from the Main Chamber. Photo by Mark S Jobling

The first winch meet of the year, which allows members of the public and non-cavers to descend into Gaping Gill, is scheduled to run over the spring bank week, May 23rd to May 29th.

Run by the Bradford Pothole Club for over 60 years, the winch lowers visitors from the slopes of Ingleborough down 100 metres (330 feet) through one of the deepest shafts in Britain and into the Main Chamber of the Gaping Gill, one of Britain’s longest and most complex cave systems.

Once inside, the Main Chamber is floodlit, affording a view not normally seen.

To make the descent, prospective adventurers must Park in Clapham village and walk the one and half hours to the entrance of Gaping Gill via the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail and Ingleborough Show Cave.

Once at the entrance, a numbered tag can be purchased for £15.00 to assign your spot in the descent queue. No pre-booking is possible.

Ascents are done by queuing for the next available winch.

Meanwhile, experienced cavers who would like to get into the cave under their own steam are able to use one of the other entrances to the cave.

A second winch meet, put on by the Craven Pothole Club, is scheduled for the end of August.

For more Information, visit the Bradford Pothole Club website.

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