Three Trapped Cavers Rescued From Gaping Gill

January 12, 2015 / England, United Kingdom, Europe
Gaping Gill's entrance shaft viewed from the Main Chamber.

Gaping Gill’s entrance shaft viewed from the Main Chamber. Photo by Mark S Jobling

In its second call out of the year, members of Yorkshire’s Cave Rescue Organisation came to the aid of three cavers after they became trapped in North Yorkshire’s Gaping Gill on Sunday.

The group of cavers had been on a through trip between OBJ Hole and Stile Pot, when they were unable to negotiate the connecting Horrocks Stearn crawl. With their ropes already pulled down, they were marooned until rescuers, dispatched when the group was reported overdue, arrived to help them out.

The three were escorted out to the surface via Wades Entrance and brought down to Clapham.

Incident 02/2015 – Jan 11 Sun 00.21 OBJ Hole, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue [Cave Rescue Organisation]

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