New Book Features the Caves of Ohio’s Adams County

March 19, 2015 / Ohio, United States, North America

Caves of Adams County CoverA new book on the caves of Ohio’s Adams County has recently been published.

Written by caver Jonah Kidder, the 117-page black-and-white book, Caves of Adams County, describes the regions caves, their features, dimensions, fauna and exploration history.

The book is an effort to bring to light the accounts of early cave explorations which are all to often exist only as unshared files on personal computers, or typewritten sheets in someone’s basement, or forgotten grotto newsletters. Many more are lost entirely.

Kidder explains that the state, located on the periphery of celebrated caving regions with only isolated patches of karst, is home to caves which are not large, long, nor deep, but can still be very rewarding.

The book is available online for $17.50 USD (Non-Member price) at the NSS Bookstore.

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