Upcoming Presentation to Feature Hang Son Doong

February 9, 2015 / Wyoming, United States, North America
Inside the massive passage of Vietnam's Son Doong Cave.

Inside the massive passage of Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave. Photo via Oxalis Adventure Company

As part of the University of Wyoming’s Global Studies Excellence Initiative and it’s World to Wyoming outreach series, the University is hosting a special presentation on Hang Son Doong, the largest cave on earth on March 3rd.

Sponsored by Center for Global Studies, Global and Area Studies, the Outreach School, Wyoming Humanities Council, and the Ruth R. Ellbogen Foundation, the free event, titled “Vietnam Underground: Exploring the Biggest Cave on Earth,” will be presented by National Geographic writer Mark Jenkins.

Mark joined a team of highly accomplished British cavers on an expedition to the deep in the jungles of central Vietnam, on the edge of the Truong Son Mountains. During that trip the team descended into what would turn out to be the largest cave ever discovered, Hang Son Doong.

Since being discovered in 2009 the cave has been opened to adventure tourists and a cable car has even been proposed.

In this presentation, Mark will take the audience across Vietnam—a vibrant country finally thriving after decades of war—and into the dark belly of the earth.

The presentation begins at 7:00pm in the Education Building Auditorium.

For more information visit the University of Wyoming Outdoor Program Spring Events page.

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