Interview: The Thrill & Responsibility of Exploring Virgin Cave

May 14, 2013 / Australia, Oceania

Earlier today, caver Jason Gardner spoke with Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ryk Goddard on his experiences exploring caves in Tasmania over the last 20 years.

Gardner talks of his adventures exploring caves, and the thrill and responsibility of being the first person to explore one of the last few undisturbed places on the planet.

I remember going down one waterway following some glow worms and somebody said to me, do you ever worry about the thing in the dark, and I said, you know I thought about that for a while and then I realized I probably was the thing in the dark. Jason Gardner, Caver

He also shares his thoughts on experiencing caves in their true form, in the dark, and how we, as cavers, should embrace it.

Yes, it’s an unusual experience going through caves in the dark but it’s something, I suppose it’s the true caving experience. It’d be like us going to Antarctica and turning on heaters and saying we’ve experienced it. It’s generally what we do with caves. To see them in their true form you really have to see them in the dark. Jason Gardner, Caver

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Do cavers prefer doing it with the lights out? [ABC Hobart]

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