Interview with Caver Rescued from Sinking Cove Cave

Dirk SironRecently WAFF 48 News had an opportunity to talk with 52-year-old Dirk Siron, who last month was the subject of a major rescue in Sinking Cove Cave in a remote part of southern Tennessee. The rescue attempt, which took 30 hours to complete and involved a number of different organizations, was initiated after Dirk fell 25 feet on the seventh of eight vertical drops inside the the 8.6 kilometer (5.35 mile) long cave.

Dirk is an experienced caver who has been at if for 16 years, and he is no stranger to Sinking Cove Cave having done it more times than he could could. What made this trip different was the simple mistake of pulling the wrong end of a rope.

To watch the video of the interview with Dirk Siron head on over to WAFF 48.

Man rescued from cave shares his story [WAFF 48 News]

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  1. rick
    June 28, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Glad you made it out.


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