Tennessee’s Dunbar Cave State Park Could Expand

Tennessee's Dunbar Cave State Park.

Tennessee’s Dunbar Cave State Park. Photo by Lindsey Boise/flickr

Tennessee’s Dunbar Cave State Park could increase in size if the state chooses to buy a 30 acre parcel of property next to the park.

The Friends of Dunbar Cave would like to see the land, a mix of prairies and woods valued at $600,000, protected from being developed into housing and subdivisions. They would prefer trails be extended into the property so the public could hike through the area and enjoy the natural environment.

Although the state has expressed an interest, no money has yet been appropriated.

A recent $150,000 donation from the Jaycees of Clarksville has helped to decrease the cost to the state to only $450,000.

Anyone else interested in contributing private donations are encouraged visit the Friends of Dunbar Cave website for more information.

Dunbar Cave State Park, now 110 acres, is home to a number of endangered species, including blind crayfish and gray bats which inhabit the 13 kilometer (8 mile) long cave.

Dunbar Cave could grow by 30 acres [TheLeafChronicle]

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  1. April 17, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    Now, if they would only re-open the cave.


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