Poll: Do your teenage or older children continue caving with enthusiasm?

October 15, 2012

Caving News reader Bruce recently wrote in to suggest this week’s poll question.

As a new parent, I often wonder if my two baby boys will eventually have the same love of caving that I do. I will encourage them to go caving, but people must take their own paths through life, so that begs the question (poll): How many cavers have seen their teenage or older kids maintain their family caving tradition with the same or greater enthusiasm? I’m hoping the results will be encouraging.

Let him (and the rest of us) know by answering the poll and telling us about your family experiences in the comments below.

Do your teenage or older children continue caving with enthusiasm?

Yes 42% (10 Votes)
No 21% (5 Votes)
I have no children 38% (9 Votes)

  Total Voters: 24

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Previous Poll Results

The results of the last poll were pretty close, but it still seems that a good portion of of cavers have brought out their underground outfits for Halloween. Perhaps a future poll should ask if they were clean?

Thanks for all responses!

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Comments (2)

  1. David
    October 16, 2012 at 11:14 am

    My 14 year old daughter is still enthusiastic, but has expressed a new reluctance for tight squeezes. She’s asked me to bring her to more borehole caves….

    My 11 year old twins are as enthusiastic as ever.

    All three kids love introducing their friends to caving and relish the attention they get from their friends when they tell of their caving exploits.

    All three often express disappointment that there aren’t more kids for them to socialize with on grotto trips.

  2. October 18, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    I don’t have kids this age so I didn’t take part in this poll, however I do take my gandkids (6, 8, and 9 y/o) on caving trips and other activities with me. But I do have an observation and a question.
    At the last MAR I noticed only one teen at the event. She’s been caving since she was little and coming to these events with her folks all along, but I wonder how she feels about being the only teen or even tween there.
    How do the other Regional events fare as far as this age group participation?
    If there were activities specifically targeting this age group, sort of like a mini JSS, do you think more would want to participate?


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