Belgian Cave Diver Dies After Apparent Heart Attack

June 18, 2012 / Belgium, Europe
Belgian Cave Diver Alexandre Chowdhry

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A Belgian cave diver has died after an apparent heart attack during a dive near Dinant, Belgium.

On Saturday afternoon during a routine dive at Cave d’Anhée, 40-year-old experienced diver, Alexandre Chowdhry ran into trouble.

Part of a 14 person contingent from a De Haan diving group, he was only four meters (16 feet) under the water and was quickly brought to the surface by two other divers, where he immediately began receiving CPR.

Emergency services soon arrived at the scene from Dinant and the man was taken to hospital at Mount Godinne where he was pronounced dead.

An investigation as to whether cave diving was even permitted at the site has uncovered that although cave diving has been banned at the site previously, due to the danger of falling rocks, it is now permitted.

The cause of the cardiac arrest remains unknown.

Geveld door hartstilstand tijdens duik in grot []

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