Kao Rao Tourist Cave Opens in Laos

March 6, 2012 / Laos, Asia
Inside Kao Rao Cave

Photo via TTRWeekly

A cave in the Wiang Phuka district of Laos was recently opened as a tourist cave.

First found in 2001 by Sriwang Kaewmanee, Kao Rao Cave is located 12 km (7.45 miles) from the town of Wiang Phuka in northern Laos.

Without any developed paths or lights, visitors to the cave are given flashlights and told be cautious and follow the instructions of the guides.

I spent considerable cash from my own pocket, but the Lao government supported my efforts with US$100,000 to put in infrastructure and electricity. Sriwang Kaewmanee Cave Developer

Officially opened on January 1st, 2012, the cave has already seen around 1,500 international visitors coming mainly from places like Germany, Thailand and China.

An agreement between Wiang Phuka tourism, the Lao government and the villagers of Nam Hang will see the income from entrance fees shared. Admission for the cave is 10,000 Laos kip ($1.25 USD).

One of the highlights of the cave is a large stalactite shaped like a bathtub. Local villagers believe that it was once a place where the serpent, Naga bathed.

Laos opens cave tourism [TTRWeekly]

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