Month in Review: January 2012’s Must Read News

January 31, 2012
Cave Curtain in Ruakuri Cave

Photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner/flickr

It’s time for a review of the ten most popular titbits of caving news published on Caving News in the last 30 days.

This look back gives you a chance to see what other readers found interesting, and to allow you to catch anything you may have missed.

January ended up being so news filled that there were many things that didn’t quite make the list, but are still worthy to note.

One of those stories is the release of new estimates of bats killed by white-nose syndrome, by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the prompt response by the National Speleological Society questioning those estimates and the lack of data provided with them.

And now, here are the ten most popular articles on caving news for January 2012, ordered by the number of views.

  1. Rescuers Search for Missing Cavers in West Virginia
  2. Cave Rescue Divers Assisting Search of Partially Capsized Cruise Ship
  3. Lone Caver Spends Night in Cave After Becoming Trapped
  4. Vote for the 2011 Speleo Photo of the Year
  5. Missing Cavers Rescued From West Virginia Cave
  6. White Nose Syndrome Confirmed in Europe
  7. Five Feared Dead in Tragedy at Vietnamese Cave
  8. Become a Troglodyte; Cave House For Sale
  9. Australian Cave Divers Break Australasian Depth Record
  10. Fourth Longest Underwater Cave Discovered in Mexico
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