The 6th Karst Record Conference (KR6) on Climate Change to be Held in Birmingham

April 10, 2011

Stalagmite Cross SectionThis years 6th International Climate Change – The Karst Record Conference will be held for three days at the University of Birmingham in the UK. These conference focus on the use of speleothems and other deposits from caves to interpret the historical record of climate from the past.

The Karst Record conference series began in 1996 in Bergen, Norway. Since then Karst Record conferences have been held in Krakow, Poland (2000), Montpellier, France (2003), Baile Herculane, Romania (2006) and Chongqing, China (2008).

The conference includes optional field trips to visit local caves in the UK and nearby Ireland happening both before and after the event. The conference schedule is as follows.

  • June 21st-26th: Field trip to Ireland (optional) (registration closed)
  • June 26th: Field trip to Mendip (optional)
  • June 26th: Registration and Welcome Reception
  • June 27-29th: Conference
  • June 28th: Field trips and Workshops (optional)
  • June 30th: Field trip to Buxton or Field trip to Oxfordshire (optional)

For more information visit the official website

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