Cave Without A Name Holds 17th Annual Summer Solstice Concert

Celebration Circle during a previous Summer Solstice Concert.

Celebration Circle during a previous Summer Solstice Concert. Photo via Cave Without a Name

Cave Without A Name’s 17th annual Summer Solstice Concert, which focuses on the thematic interplay of darkness and light, is slated for Saturday, June 20th.

The event feature eclectic, pulsating mixture of uplifting, contemporary acoustic songs, ancient instrumentation, improvisation and contemplation of the Celebration Circle, headed by singer/songwriter Rudi Harst (vocals, guitar, Native American flute, harmonica, Tibetan bowls) along with Steve Daniel (didgeridoo), Jordan Allen (vocals, guitar), Sarah Gabriel (vocals), Ray Palmer (keyboard), Kevin Lewis (bass), Kiko Guerrero (percussion) and Michael Madison (percussion).

Held some 80 feet (24 meters) below the surface, each segment of the evening’s program will incorporate the resonant acoustic properties of the Queen’s Throne Room.

Advance Tickets for the popular concert are available now for $25, and, should any remain, they will also be available at the door for $30.

Cave Without A Name hosts 8-12 concerts each year due to the three large solution domes on the ceiling of the Throne Room which provide excellent natural acoustics.

For more information and to buy tickets to this show or future concerts, visit the Cave Without A Name website.

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  1. Abdul Rehman CK
    June 6, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    Dear Sirs,

    It is my ambition to make a cave on a hill side owned by me at Gods on country, Kerala, India so as to attract tourists from all over the world. From this cave one could see the sun set in Arabian sea with panoramic mountain greenery enjoying the cold breeze from the distant sea. Also wish to organize cave concert by the support of your beautiful group.

    Wishing to hear from you.

    With love and warm regards,

    Abdul Rehman CK


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