AmeriCorps Team Works at Carter Caves State Resort Park

Kentucky's Carter Caves Stake Park

Kentucky’s Carter Caves Stake Park Photo by JWorst on Flickr

Eight young people from across the U.S. will spend time working at Kentucky’s Carter Caves State Resort Park this month as part of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps program.

The team is currently working at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and will move to Carter Caves State Resort Park on April 20th. Their work will include repairing trails, removing invasive plants, cleaning out the caves and other park improvement projects.

This is a great program that helps us make park improvements as we get ready to see most of our visitors. We appreciate the contributions of these young people. Elaine Walker, Parks Commissioner

This is the third year that Kentucky State Parks has hosted an AmeriCorps team.

We love the physical work. It’s absolutely beautiful out here. Amanda Ray, team leader from Norton, Kansas

The team members are 18-24 years old and are trained in first aid, CPR, safety and other skills before they start their work. They come from different parts of the country. The Kentucky crew has members from the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest and East Coast.

The team will also be assisting some Trail Town communities with projects.

Trail Towns is a designation and assistance program overseen by the Office of Adventure Tourism that will guide travelers to trails, food, lodging, campgrounds, museums, entertainment and other services. The designation will help communities improve their tourism economy, add more jobs and more tourism opportunities for the entire state.

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