Missouri Hunter Dies After Falling into Sinkhole

September 21, 2013 / Missouri, United States, North America

A Missouri deer hunter died after falling into a sinkhole earlier this week.

Curtis Powelson, 31, had been out bow-hunting near his home in Pulaski County, Missouri on Monday, September 16th when the incident occurred.

Just before dusk he contacted his wife to let her know that he had shot a deer and was going to retrieve the animal. When he did not arrive home his wife contacted authorities.

Rescuers arrived and began search a grid search for Powelson around 10:00 pm. Some five hours later, at around 3:00 am, his body was discovered at the bottom of a 21 meter (70 foot) deep sinkhole.

They just did a general grid search pattern and they came across the sinkhole and were able to shine lights down there and were able to find him at that point. Michael McCart, Pulaski County Assistant Coroner

The sinkhole is believed to be fairly new, having opened only recently due to heavy rains.

Myself, I’ve hunted out there since I was a kid, and the landowner himself had no idea this was out there. We had several firefighters and deputies that almost stepped into it themselves, just out there wandering around looking for him last night. Michael McCart, Pulaski County Assistant Coroner

Powelson was an active duty U.S. Marine stationed at Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood.

Hunter who died after falling into sinkhole was Marine [kspr.com] & Missouri Deer Hunter Killed After Falling into Sinkhole [Outdoor Life]

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